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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is DaVinci Camp a residential program?
    DaVinci Camp is a non-residential program.
  • Is DaVinci Camp only for latinos students?
    DaVinci Camp is all inclusive. We welcome students from all backgrounds.
  • Is there a consistent drop-off/pick-up schedule?
    The sample schedule is a template that we try to follow daily but depending on the events occurring on that day, the schedule may change accordingly.
  • My child will be taking precalculus in the fall. Which course should I apply for?
    Students will be placed in their respective classes according to their mathematical background and where we believe they will benefit the most.
  • Will parents have access to the full program schedule?
    In order to ensure students are focused on the activity on hand, DaVinci Camp has a strong “no spoilers” policy. We will keep you in the loop of drop off and pickup times, and will keep you updated on where students are at any given time. A weekly schedule will be provided to parents describing the daily activities.
  • My child has other commitments in the summer, would it be possible to miss a few days?
    Given our program’s fast-paced academic and social environments, even a partial absence makes it difficult to stay abreast. We strongly discourage missing any days of instruction.
  • Is DaVinci Camp a remedial program?
    DaVinci Camp is a fast-paced academic environment designed to develop the interests and abilities of talented and highly motivated middle school and high school students.
  • Are group events mandatory?
    Students are expected to attend all events throughout the program. Events are carefully selected to complement the curriculum taught during the day. Missing an event would cause a student to miss out on hands-on or applied learning. Events are also a great opportunity for students to solidify friendships.
  • Is the tuition refundable?
    DaVinci Camp Summer Institute requires a deposit of $500 per session. Deposits, less an administrative fee of $100, are refundable until May 12, 2024. After May 12, deposits become non-refundable. If a registered student is unable to attend the program, a parent or legal guardian must withdraw the student in writing and may request a tuition refund. Tuition, minus a $100 administrative fee, is refundable until May 12, 2024. All refund requests after this date will be subject to the DaVinci Camp Summer Institute Refund Schedule included in the student’s acceptance package. ​ No refund is provided if the cancellation request is received anytime after May 19, 2024, or of course after camp has begun. Please note that students who violate the DaVinci Camp Summer Institute Student Code of Conduct will be dismissed from the program without a refund.
  • Will daily homework be assigned?
    Students are expected to review their lecture notes outside of class and complete a daily journal entry. Journal entries are kept private and reviewed the following day by the instructional staff in order to more accurately determine individual students’ needs.
  • Can a student participate in multiple sessions?
    Students can register for multiple sessions throughout the summer. DaVinci Camp offers the opportunity to broaden a student’s mathematical foundation by exploring multiple math subjects in depth in one summer.
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