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Session I

Session Dates: June 7 - June 26

You may select one course from below to participate in Session I. Note that weekends are included as part of instruction. 


Theory and Practice

Develops pre-algebra skills using number theory to build a strong foundation for the future study of algebra and geometry.

(rising 6th and 7th grades)


...they are inevitable

Explores a variety of topics from various areas of pure and applied mathematics.  Recommended for students who have completed Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, or Calculus. (rising 11th - graduating seniors)


Al-gabr Wa’l-muqabala:

Completion & Balancing

Presents methodology and procedures to develop advanced algebraic skills essential for the study of higher mathematics. 

(rising 7th - 9th grades)


There were once a triangle, a circle and an altitude… 

Covers analytic aspects of trigonometry including identities, equations, inequalities and word problems. Recommended for students who will take Math Analysis/PreCalculus or Calculus.

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