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Session Dates: June 29 - August 11

The following curated course packages are an opportunity to expand learning. Note that weekends are included as part of instruction.

VITRUVIAN is DaVinci Camp’s response to the pandemic’s impact on math education in schools.  These courses provide students the opportunity to explore math subjects in depth over a seven-week period. These course series are recommended for highly motivated middle and high school students. In the application, you will be asked to choose one of the following courses or series of courses.



This course combines NUMBERS,  NUMBERS and LETTERS connecting advanced arithmetic and algebra with emphasis on rational numbers to develop a strong mathematical foundation. Recommended for students who will take pre-algebra or algebra.

(rising 6th - 8th grades)


hypotheses non fingo - Isaac Newton

This course covers pre-calculus and calculus and is equivalent to a combination of INFINITE POWERS and ISAAC & GOTTFRIEDIntroduces and develops the application of power series to the study of rational, irrational, and transcendental functions along with ideas and methods of the integral and differential calculus. Recommended for students who will take calculus. (rising 10th -12th grades)



This course combines LETTERS, CAPITAL LETTERS and IN-N-OUT to develop an advanced and thorough understanding of algebra as well as the properties and graphs, transformations and compositions of algebraic and elementary transcendental functions. Recommended for students who will take pre-calculus.

(rising 10th -12th grades)


Noli turbare circulos meos!

(Do not disturb my circles!) - Archimedes  


This course combines INFINITE POWERS, DEATHLY HALLOWS and ANALYTIKOS to connect higher algebra with analytic geometry and trigonometry creating a rich mathematical foundation for advanced study. Introduces and develops the application of power series to the study of rational, irrational, and transcendental functions. Recommended for students who will take precalculus or calculus. 

(rising 10th -12th grades)

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